31-Mar-15CEO chessmaster: 'Mobile first' is a risky move for the enterprise
26-Mar-15CIO as business strategist: Managing the uneasy tension
13-Mar-15Social media ROI smackdown: What your business can't afford to ignore
9-Mar-15Is social media really a waste of time? Harvard professor gets it wrong
27-Feb-15Cloud computing busts silos to help the CIO
23-Feb-15Love fest: Startups and large companies innovate together
10-Feb-15Startup cool: Crowdsourcing real-time financial data with mobile
1-Feb-15Danger zone: Enterprise maintenance and support
29-Jan-15?Salesforce: Innovate around customers, not companies
25-Jan-15CIO and IT leaders: YOU hold the burden of proof...
19-Jan-15Expert panel: Creating innovation in the federal government
1-Jan-15Digital transformation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
29-Dec-14Schneider Electric: Digital transformation, internet of things, sustainability, and operational technology
23-Dec-14Oracle: Enterprise social must fit corporate culture
4-Dec-14Business model boss: Reinvent or die
28-Nov-14Entrepreneur Steve Blank on startups, pivots, and corporate innovation
25-Nov-14Harvard Medical professor and CIO on failure and massive transparency
21-Nov-14CIOs make progress, but still get no respect
11-Nov-14IT spend is growing, but CIOs 'just don't get it'
30-Oct-14Research: CIO relationships and priorities remain conflicted
28-Oct-14IT failures, power shifts, and social media
14-Oct-14US federal CIO? 'Someone from Google or Facebook will be eaten alive'
6-Oct-14Mission impossible? White House looks for new CIO
29-Sep-14Higher education: Innovation and digital transformation
15-Sep-14An HR business model for Millennials
8-Sep-14Digital marketing and CIO / CMO relationships
30-Aug-14California payroll: Another failure waiting to happen?
26-Aug-14Infor CEO: 'Beautiful software' solves business problems
22-Aug-14McAfee CIO: 'Embrace the change'
18-Aug-14Digital transformation and the innovative CFO
29-Jul-14Social business maturity and digital transformation
25-Jul-14Digital transformation and consulting/outsourcing firms
21-Jul-14Brand promise, customer experience, and CMO lessons for the CIO
13-Jul-14Digital transformation: CIO / CMO and the crisis of confidence
30-Jun-14Digital transformation and the high performance enterprise
29-Jun-14Is 'marketing' ready for digital transformation?
24-Jun-14Business transformation and the digital CIO
16-Jun-14SAP Jam: Ready for enterprise collaboration
1-Jun-14Bridging the gap between brand promise and customer experience
27-May-14MIT CIO Symposium: Lessons on digital business transformation
18-May-14CIO strategy workshop: Intel's IT leadership and transformation pyramid
7-May-14Epicor reinvigorates its ERP offerings
27-Apr-14Infor and 'No Fugly Software': Design as a competitive weapon
31-Mar-14McKinsey research: IT needs a kick in the keister
26-Mar-14Top 100 CIOs on Twitter
19-Mar-14ERP contradictions in 2014: Smaller projects, more delays
12-Mar-14Enterprise social media: New battleground for CIO influence
28-Feb-14MIT CIO leadership awards now accepting applications
26-Feb-14NATO Commanding General talks leadership, change, and agility
19-Feb-14Saving the dry, lifeless soul of enterprise software
3-Feb-14Workday: Linking technology design and user experience
29-Jan-14Enterprise software marketing: Sell the value, not the box
27-Jan-14CMO strategy session: The new discipline of 'social lead management'
23-Jan-14Research: CIOs and the 'digitalization' of business
13-Jan-14Fixing government tech: Innovation against 'IT cartels' and 'complex systems'
29-Dec-13Social networks, hierarchy, and the illusion of control
23-Dec-13CIO / CMO impact: Three disruptions that demand your attention
18-Dec-13Enterprise apps most profitable for mobile developers
6-Dec-13Enterprise innovation: CxOTalk thought leadership
1-Dec-13Rogue IT: Sad truths and unfortunate stories
29-Nov-13PR finger pointing: IBM and Bridgestone wrangle over failed ERP
26-Nov-13Dreamforce 2013: Three startups to watch
8-Nov-13Marin County restarts ERP project; Deloitte under scrutiny in CA and MA
31-Oct-13Massachusetts grills Deloitte over large IT failures
28-Oct-13The Machiavellian CIO: Morality versus reality
16-Oct-13Accenture: CIOs must embrace digital transformation
8-Oct-13Marketing: Community emerges as a source of customer 'truth'
23-Sep-13Marketing: 'Context will eat the software industry'
11-Sep-13BYOD: The new battleground for CIO value
30-Aug-13Enterprise software: 'Do our customers love us?'
26-Aug-13CxOTalk: Compelling discussions with enterprise leaders
9-Aug-13Analysis: IBM and Pennsylvania share blame in massive IT train wreck
2-Aug-13Sports marketing and technology with the New England Patriots
29-Jul-13Fake testimonial tweets teach an enterprise lesson
24-Jul-13Marketing 2013: Reach the right influencers, avoid the echo chamber
12-Jul-13Great debate: Have smartphone cameras killed the DSLR?
8-Jul-13Avoid expensive roadblocks with rapid enterprise software implementations
26-Jun-13How to influence the enterprise software chess game
18-Jun-13Inside the mind of an enterprise software development organization
14-Jun-13Strategic communications: From self-delusion to listening carefully
12-Jun-13CIO lessons from the Boston Celtics
31-May-13Enterprise startups: Richard Branson's expansive and practical advice
29-May-13Pabst CIO: Sales advice for enterprise startups
28-May-13Memorial Day tribute
13-May-13CxO Talk guest Hinchcliffe proclaims, 'IT is dead'
7-May-13Intel CIO presents the path to #Rockstar IT
29-Apr-13CxO Talk: Trust, engagement, and influence for the CIO
20-Apr-13Enterprise startups against the big guys: CxO Talk 7
11-Apr-13Gartner: CIOs and CMOs must 'turn sparks into flame'
8-Apr-13CxO Talk: Gartner says 'provide and pray' collaboration won't work
2-Apr-13CxO Talk: Can a CIO and CMO be friends?
29-Mar-13Enterprise startup lessons from Muhammad Ali
26-Mar-13CxO Talk: Microsoft,, CRM, and the science of hugging
18-Mar-13CxO Talk episode two: Big data, analytics, and HR technology
11-Mar-13CxO Talk episode 1: Guy Kawasaki on influence for APEs
8-Mar-13Marketing and IT tensions: 'CxO Talk' debuts today
4-Mar-13Is the desktop dead? Scoble and friends face-off on mobile
1-Mar-13Enterprise software and the curse of vendor sameness
25-Feb-13Professional sports innovation: Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins
22-Feb-132013 ERP research: Compelling advice for the CFO
19-Feb-13Engage or die: Five lessons from a CIO innovation workshop
29-Jan-13Enterprise software wars: 5 points of advice for CIOs
22-Jan-13Cloud research exposes gaps between CIOs and business leaders
14-Jan-13Big money: Marin County and Deloitte settle ERP lawsuit under gag order
11-Jan-13SAP and HANA: 5 Points of advice for CIOs
26-Dec-12Enterprise Irregulars: Membership list and Twitter names
25-Dec-12Happy Holidays
24-Dec-12Vala Afshar's top 100 influencers on Twitter
21-Dec-12Cloud research: Cost matters most and confusion remains
17-Dec-12The Gap: System and process errors disrupt shopping experience
12-Dec-12Evolution and opportunity: Going beyond IT failure
28-Nov-12IT basics: Cost optimization for small and medium business
16-Nov-12CIO strategy: Be relevant or die
14-Nov-12CIOs unplugged: Straight talk from innovators
31-Oct-12Enterprise software: Beware the loud voices of charlatan thought leaders
27-Oct-12Waiting to play: Overcoming 'The CIO Paradox'
18-Oct-12CIO suicide and the fight against conventional wisdom
9-Oct-12Oracle OpenWorld 2012: A photographic experience
30-Sep-12Research: Developer perspectives on IT failure
27-Sep-12Ten Strategic CIO priorities for 2013 Pushing social business into the mainstream
11-Sep-12Research: The devalued future of IT in a marketing world
31-Aug-12Three tips to escape the tyranny of IT metrics
28-Aug-12Expert panel: Transform business with social enterprise
20-Aug-12Research: Spotlight on social media risk management
30-Jul-12Twitter disrupts GPS systems of Olympic cyclers
26-Jul-12Head up [you know where]: UK gov't tells banks to fix IT systems
23-Jul-12Trusted enterprise software experts: The #EnSW Twitter list
20-Jul-12Leadership: A short primer on doing the right thing in business
17-Jul-12ERP implementation benchmark: Comparing SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft
12-Jul-12Screwing the customer: Tales from the crazy consultant file
10-Jul-12Cloud basics: Iterative development and the CIO's quest for value
9-Jul-12Research data on cloud growth and focus
6-Jul-12Seven tips for selecting a cloud services provider
3-Jul-12RBS gives more detail on IT failure train wreck
27-Jun-12NASDAQ CEO blames CIO over Facebook IPO
27-Jun-12'Cancer and a bike ride'
26-Jun-12Key questions on the massive RBS / NatWest IT failure
25-Jun-12RBS Bank joins the IT failures 'Hall of Shame'
18-Jun-12CIO view: NIST helps cut vendor cloud FUD
12-Jun-12CIO view: Five tips for using Twitter
24-May-12Hollow words: United Airlines CEO talks up 'silver lining' of failure
23-May-12SAP internal memo names top cloud competitors
21-May-12Cloud dancing: CIO perspective on SAP's cloud strategy
7-May-12CIO view: Consumerization and the impact on IT
17-Apr-12Who's accountable for IT failure? (part two)
16-Apr-12Who's accountable for IT failure? (part one)
10-Apr-12Worldwide cost of IT failure (revisited): $3 trillion
6-Apr-12Recognizing the top 25 'social' CIOs
2-Apr-12California abandons $2 billion court management system
26-Mar-12CIO view: Balancing the blessing and curse of shiny objects
25-Jan-12Goodbye Kodak, Hello FujiFilm
20-Jan-12CIO view: Three truths that bridge the great divide
16-Jan-12A brief gadget detour
3-Jan-12Cotton candy and little enterprise deceptions
30-Dec-11Predicting 2012: Rapid implementation in focus
21-Dec-11Workday interview: Insights from a deep enterprise cloudist
12-Dec-11Smart move: SAP delays community platform rollout
4-Dec-11TechCrunch trivializes SAP's $3.4B (billion) cloud acquisition
1-Dec-11Design thinking: A new approach to fight complexity and failure
27-Nov-11Six lessons for intelligent project management
22-Nov-11Intuit: Pain and pleasure in the cloud
14-Nov-11Three tips for studying IT failure
11-Nov-11Teaching 'Strategic Project Management' at University College London
2-Nov-11Enterprise software under attack
26-Oct-11Robert Scoble (still) doesn't understand enterprise software
24-Oct-11Tidemark: Enterprise disruption in the cloud
23-Oct-11Sins and redemption: IT project recovery in focus
17-Oct-11Cloud impact: SAP changes upgrade and maintenance policies
9-Oct-11Enterprise software: The Dalai Lama / Desmond Tutu connection
30-Sep-11Align expectations for project success
29-Sep-11Success and innovation: The simple truth of outcomes
28-Sep-11Why CIOs fail - A short primer on success
27-Sep-11Three simple principles of cloud trust
23-Sep-11Seven steps to successful organizational collaboration
19-Sep-11Simulation drama: 'Why IT projects fail' Understanding the 'social enterprise,' part 2 Understanding the 'social enterprise', part 1
6-Sep-11CIO view: Ten principles for effective collaboration
28-Aug-11Hurricane Irene exposes United Airlines' system issues
22-Aug-11Social CRM and positive disruption
18-Aug-11Roundtable: How to Recognize and Prevent IT Project Failures
15-Aug-11Social CRM in context: Expert panel discussion
4-Aug-11Tough choices: Examining the soul of iPad, Android, and Xoom
27-Jul-11CIO issues: The search for relevance
20-Jul-11Oracle battles Montclair State over failed IT project
11-Jul-11Google Plus: Is privacy an issue?
8-Jul-11Dropbox: new terms of service bring smiles
3-Jul-11Technology organization leadership charts
3-Jul-11Convenience over privacy: Is Dropbox watching you?
27-Jun-11Enteprise social business: Integration matters
20-Jun-11Cloud interview: Security, privacy, and reliability
13-Jun-11Greetings, Hewlett-Packard, nice to meet you!
31-May-11SAP packaged implementations: Status, history, challenges
26-May-11Why I abandoned Twitpic for photo-sharing
14-May-11NetSuite panel discussion: Customer interaction on cloud issues
13-May-11NetSuite under the microscope
2-May-11CIO analysis: Examining Amazon's cloud failure
29-Apr-11Community engagement: Introducing the SAP Mentors
27-Apr-11For the love of money: Scottish 'spend to save' plan fails
25-Apr-11CRM Idol 2011 launches today!
24-Apr-11Easter special: The science of Cadbury creme eggs
21-Apr-11Research: 75 percent believe IT projects are 'doomed'
18-Apr-11Innovation and transformation: Matching communication to culture
15-Apr-11CIO backgrounder video: Why packaged implementation solutions matter
13-Apr-11The five motivators of successful change
6-Apr-11The IT failures greed / blame cycle
5-Apr-11CIO analysis: Marin County vs. Deloitte and SAP, part 2
1-Apr-11IT failures and the 'painsharing paradox'
31-Mar-11Marin County claims racketeering against Deloitte and SAP, part one
21-Mar-11Minnesota HealthMatch: A perfect storm for IT failure
18-Mar-11CIO backgrounder: Understanding packaged solutions
17-Mar-11CIO analysis: Audio interview on IT success and failure
15-Mar-11CIO analysis: Why 37 percent of projects fail
7-Mar-11CIO analysis: Defining IT project 'success' and 'failure'
1-Mar-112011 ERP survey: New IT failure research and statistics
21-Feb-11Change management and communications for IT success
16-Feb-111100-person company goes bust: IT failure or mismanagement?
14-Feb-11Tips to prevent 'cooked lobster' IT failures
9-Feb-11ERP change management: The silent killer
7-Feb-11Barter or charity: California seeks free IT security services
29-Jan-11Perspective: Learning from failure
28-Jan-11Three tips for Social CRM adoption
28-Jan-11Change management and the wisdom of failure
27-Jan-11Change management: Denial and the fear of failure
19-Jan-11ERP train wrecks, failures, and lawsuits
11-Jan-11CIO view: 'Feelgood mojo' and the quest for consulting greatness
10-Jan-11CIO view: Business requirements and the elegant art of 'no'
29-Dec-10Ten great software glitches for 2010
28-Dec-10Bicycle riding through the blizzard
26-Dec-10The barren coldness of winter
25-Dec-10Happy Holidays overcoming the bare trees of failure
24-Dec-10Infor cancels anonymous referral program
23-Dec-10Infor's misguided, anonymous referral program
15-Dec-10Five principles of sexy enterprise software
14-Dec-10Sexy enterprise software, part two: SAP and Workday
13-Dec-10Sexy enterprise software, part one: gets its mojo
4-Dec-10The wisdom to learn from failure
3-Dec-10Five tips from inside the Devil's Triangle
2-Dec-10What's the cloud? Ask a ten-year old.
29-Nov-10Debating failure and the cloud
23-Nov-10Reaching for social CRM success (or failure)
19-Nov-10Cloud impact: A state of the art discussion (podcast)
16-Nov-10Defrag: Cloud economics, cultural change, and other exciting stories
11-Nov-10Understanding Lumber Liquidators' ERP failure
3-Nov-10Three simple truths of failure
14-Oct-10Five tips to learn from failure
6-Oct-10'Defining the cloud' and other fun stories
4-Oct-10Verizon Wireless to refund $50 million over software glitch
30-Sep-10Department of Defense IT: Years late and billions over-budget
28-Sep-10Virgin's cloud failure: Rebuttal and a deeper perspective
27-Sep-10Cloud-based IT failure halts Virgin flights
16-Sep-10Enterprise Irregulars adds new members
15-Sep-10How to search the IT Project Failures blog
14-Sep-10Transparency, accountability, and IT success
13-Sep-10Marin County abandons $30 million ERP failure
9-Sep-10UK health service abandons massive IT centralization plan
8-Sep-1013 warning signs to prevent ERP doom
7-Sep-10UK demands 'mandatory' reviews of government IT projects
2-Sep-10Understanding Marin County's $30 million ERP failure
27-Aug-10Five analyst relations lessons from Workday
26-Aug-10Advice for working with analysts
20-Aug-10Twelve early warning signs of IT project failure
18-Aug-10IDC offers an impartial social business framework
10-Aug-10Do large projects really fail more often?
9-Aug-10Shocking gov't IT failure statistics!
6-Aug-10'Success and failure in the time of social'
2-Aug-10Federal gov't gets serious about IT failures
23-Jul-10Top thinkers in project management today
22-Jul-10Texas warns IBM on failed data center consolidation
22-Jul-10The Wailgum Technology Hype Cycle, 2010
20-Jul-10NetSuite OpenAir untangles the professional services 'hairball'
14-Jul-10Gartner releases cloud computing 'rights and responsibilities'
7-Jul-10The Gap: Poor data creates CRM snafu
1-Jul-10Upcoming: London Tweetup on Saturday July 10
30-Jun-10Dell lawsuit: Pattern of deceit
27-Jun-10Positive reflections on failure
25-Jun-10Politicizing IT failure in Australia
24-Jun-10Behavioral economics: The IT failure domino effect
24-Jun-10BP oil spill and obvious failure
23-Jun-10The IT failure curve of death
15-Jun-10Enterprise 2.0: Why process matters
14-Jun-10AT&T iPad data breach hits home
11-Jun-10BP oil spill: Leadership and IT failure
11-Jun-10From the greed files: 'Mediocrity Pays'
9-Jun-10The inner life of failed IT projects
8-Jun-10EDS to pay $460 million over CRM failure
5-Jun-10In praise of unsung IT heroes!
3-Jun-10Marin County sues Deloitte: Alleges fraud on SAP project
2-Jun-10AntiClue: Five reasons projects fail
1-Jun-10SAP Business byDesign: Status update
29-May-10Behind the scenes with SAP Chairman Hasso Plattner
13-May-10Gov't CIO interview: Success, failure, and innovation
12-May-10SAP acquires Sybase: Mobility and database options
7-May-10'Wicked problems': collaboration, risk, and failure
7-May-10IT value creation vs. cost control co-founder: Collaboration and the social enterprise
26-Apr-10IT failure and collaboration: Ten big symptoms
23-Apr-10Enterprise Irregulars: Behind the scenes with NetSuite CEO
22-Apr-10Holistic CIO lessons from Peter Drucker
21-Apr-10CEO interview and analysis: NetSuite's Zach Nelson
19-Apr-10Enterprise IT: Inside an SAP customer
5-Apr-10Three truths of IT success
4-Apr-10When management causes IT failure
30-Mar-10Early warnings: The IT project failure dilemma (part 2)
29-Mar-10Early warnings: The IT project failure dilemma (part 1)
24-Mar-10Announcing FAILfaire in New York City
23-Mar-10Rethinking IT and business transformation success
17-Mar-10Dissecting a health care IT failure
15-Mar-10RightNow: Analyzing the 'Cloud Services Agreement'
12-Mar-10IT failure: 'Evil is the cure for incompetence'
11-Mar-10CRM and IT failure: An enlightened view
10-Mar-10Six ways CRM projects go wrong
9-Mar-10IT failure: A shameful story
8-Mar-10The IT failures blame game (part 1)
8-Mar-10The IT failures blame game (part 2)
1-Mar-10The twin evils of IT gridlock and denial
26-Feb-10Six failures from poor application quality
24-Feb-10Curse of the IT prima donna
22-Feb-10Social networking: Influence, followers, and 'nexus leaders'
16-Feb-10IT failure? Blame your CEO.
15-Feb-10Social CRM and enterprise business
7-Feb-10SAP changes leaders: Time for innovation
5-Feb-10UK tax department: Bizarre IT spending incentives
4-Feb-10Analyst relations: Failure in action
3-Feb-10ERP failure: New research and statistics
2-Feb-10Business intelligence success, ROI, and failure
1-Feb-10Call for IT Devil's Triangle research
29-Jan-10'Pain chains' and the IT Devil's Triangle
26-Jan-10Social CRM: The inner meaning
14-Jan-10Information silos and IT governance failure
13-Jan-10IT / business silos: Bridging the gap
10-Jan-10Reflecting on IT / business silos
8-Jan-10NetSuite: Hyperbole and the credibility gap
7-Jan-10Tim Bray's Enterprise 2.0 conundrum
6-Jan-10Enterprise systems: "Time to stop the madness"
5-Jan-10Blogger relations at SAP
29-Dec-09Critique: $6.2 trillion global IT failure stats
29-Dec-09Dilbert on IT / business alignment
28-Dec-09SOA adoption: The human face of governance
22-Dec-09Three success predictions for 2010
22-Dec-09Worldwide cost of IT failure: $6.2 trillion
21-Dec-09Five failure predictions for 2010
18-Dec-09Modern SOA governance: Adoption and measurement
17-Dec-09User adoption: Killer app for SOA and Enterprise 2.0
15-Dec-09Why projects fail: Obstacles and solutions
14-Dec-0917 top CRM analysts
13-Dec-09Managing death-march projects
12-Dec-09Cloud economics: The importance of multi-tenancy
11-Dec-09SAP Business byDesign: Taming the multi-tenant beast
9-Dec-09'Is on-premise ERP obsolete?'
8-Dec-09SAP Influencer event: First impressions
3-Dec-09IT Failures blog recognition
2-Dec-09Complexity vs. goodness in IT failure
29-Nov-09CIO interview: Casey Coleman of the General Services Administration
25-Nov-09Update on the Enterprise Irregulars
24-Nov-09The 'social enterprise' comes of age
23-Nov-09Social computing and the enterprise, part one
23-Nov-09Social computing in the enterprise, part two
18-Nov-09Dreamforce: Quick first impressions
18-Nov-09Salesforce Chatter: Something to talk about
16-Nov-09Resistance to change: The real Enterprise 2.0 barrier
10-Nov-09Enterprise unplugged: Riffing on failure and performance
6-Nov-0918 truths: The long fail of complexity
4-Nov-09Please vote: Shortlisted at Computer Weekly
3-Nov-09Five definitions toward the maturing of Enterprise 2.0
2-Nov-09Seeking IT failure experts on Twitter
1-Nov-09Amplifying 'weak signals' for IT success
26-Oct-09Learning from the weak signals of failure
26-Oct-09Can open source software stop IT failure?
21-Oct-09Gartner Magic Quadrant lawsuit: Sour grapes or real gripes?
19-Oct-09Going commando: Four signs of CRM failure
13-Oct-09Oracle's integration strategy: Customer trade-offs
9-Oct-09Twitter suspends security researcher's account as a threat
8-Oct-09Workday, SaaS, and failure: 'A matter of trust'
7-Oct-09CRM failure: A virtual town hall discussion and podcast
5-Oct-09Scholarly interest in IT failure and waste
3-Oct-09Various Google sites are down
1-Oct-09The 'Seven Laws of Projects'
30-Sep-096 dirty tricks from enterprise vendors
30-Sep-09Annual cost of IT failure: $6.2 trillion
27-Sep-09Exploring the Devil's Triangle
27-Sep-09The taboo of failure
27-Sep-09Video: Collective intelligence simplified
27-Sep-09Video: Harness 'wise crowds' to prevent failure
26-Sep-09Video: Defining IT failure
26-Sep-09Video: Wisdom of crowds basics
24-Sep-09Bake off: On-premise vs. SaaS toasters
24-Sep-09Pay to play: The vendor / analyst mating dance
23-Sep-09Debunking Enterprise 2.0 failure
23-Sep-09'Cultures of participation' and IT success
21-Sep-09Five ways to avoid Enterprise 2.0 failure
21-Sep-09CRM failure: An ounce of prevention
21-Sep-09Six types of IT project failure
21-Sep-09Are Twitter direct messages safe?
17-Sep-09Video: Five reasons to kill IT projects
17-Sep-09CRM failure: An all-star analyst discussion
17-Sep-097 fundamentals of IT project success
17-Sep-09CRM success: An IT failures virtual town hall meeting
16-Sep-09Social CRM: Shifting power and rapid burn
16-Sep-09Social CRM reality check
15-Sep-09Enterprise software development from an IT failures perspective
15-Sep-09'How I tweeted my way out of spinal surgery'
12-Sep-09Three big reasons CRM initiatives fail
12-Sep-09Twitter is down...again
12-Sep-09Video: The lessons of failure
12-Sep-09Video: Introduction to ERP complexity
10-Sep-09Five reasons to fire your system integrator
10-Sep-09News video: Twitter and social networking identity theft
5-Aug-09Managing vendor performance: An IT failures virtual town hall
3-Aug-09CRM failure rates: 2001-2009
30-Jul-09Software pricing and the Devil's Triangle
29-Jul-09IT failures town hall recap: Exploring the CIO's role
23-Jul-09CRM failures on tap
21-Jul-09TechTarget blogger of the week
17-Jul-09Friday madness: $23 quadrillion software glitch
16-Jul-09Twitter data theft: the human element
13-Jul-09Evaluating the enterprise software buyer's 'Bill of Rights'
9-Jul-09Beyond Kumbaya: More on ROI for customer service communities
9-Jul-09The CIO's role in success and failure: An IT failures town hall
8-Jul-09The truth about zombie projects
6-Jul-09Enterprise 2.0 collaboration communities: measurement and metrics
30-Jun-09Failing with online backup
29-Jun-09Enterprise 2.0: The Kumbaya irony
24-Jun-09Computer errors in public places
22-Jun-09HP connects IT investment, value, and transparency
15-Jun-09Pentagon kills $6.3 billion missile technology project
12-Jun-09TechCrunch Research: Big deal or not?
10-Jun-09Senate IT oversight bill: Detailed analysis
6-Jun-09Field guide to interpreting CIO-speak
5-Jun-09Kill your dead horse failures fast!
5-Jun-0921 ways to flog dead horse projects
4-Jun-09Reviewing Sapphire, user interfaces, the Devil's Triangle, and IT success
2-Jun-09IBM: IT failure and social media disaster
29-May-09IBM's Devil's Triangle: An enterprise software soap opera
27-May-09VC perspective: Can enterprise software companies do SaaS?
22-May-09Recap: Business / IT alignment town hall discussion [podcast]
20-May-09Do CEOs *really* care about IT?
18-May-09Gov't IT projects: Billions at risk
15-May-09Understanding SAP's Business byDesign SaaS strategy
8-May-09Enterprise student laundry system fails
7-May-09Creating unified strategy to cross the IT / business chasm
6-May-09Research: Gov't lacks oversight on services contracts
5-May-09CA releases packaged services for project portfolio management
1-May-09Senate introduces important IT watchdog bill
28-Apr-09Chuck Norris Syndrome and IT failure
27-Apr-09SAP Americas' president, Rob Enslin, on avoiding IT failure [podcast]
24-Apr-09IT failures town hall: Aligning IT and business
21-Apr-09Lawson Software: Positive first impressions
17-Apr-09Ugly enterprise software sales tactics
16-Apr-09Combating IT failure with mentoring
15-Apr-09IT scapegoats and blame
14-Apr-097 (nasty) truths about IT spending
13-Apr-09Interview: SAP's global head of project operations [podcast]
10-Apr-09Balancing IT innovation investment in a recession
9-Apr-095 reasons to discuss failure
8-Apr-09IT failures town hall: Risks of survival [podcast]
7-Apr-09Programmers and IT failure
2-Apr-09Cool word of the day: 'Boondoggle'
1-Apr-09IT failure contributes to UK bank collapse
31-Mar-095 characteristics of sleazy corporate vipers
30-Mar-09Ed Yourdon on IT governance and failure [podcast]
27-Mar-09Project governance and failure
20-Mar-09Select Comfort: Management malaise and ego
18-Mar-09IDC: Escaping failure in the cloud
18-Mar-09Risks of survival: An IT failures town hall discussion
17-Mar-09IDC Directions09: Analyst perspectives on IT failure
15-Mar-09UK prison IT: Massive and 'spectacular' failure
12-Mar-09How to pitch a CIO successfully
11-Mar-09Will downtime rain on the cloud computing parade?
10-Mar-09Google Apps Status Dashboard: enterprise-friendly
6-Mar-09Stop whining about ERP failures
6-Mar-09Twitter and identity theft
5-Mar-09Roche CIO discusses IT, consultants, and the Devil's Triangle [podcast]
1-Mar-09Ryanair website bug: blogger called 'idiot and liar'
1-Mar-09Failure statistics in Yemen
27-Feb-09IT failures roundup: Banks around the world!
26-Feb-0920 cynical project management tips
25-Feb-09San Diego fires Axon over ERP implementation problems
23-Feb-09Forrester CRM analyst discusses IT failure [podcast]
20-Feb-09NetApp: Layoffs and a $3 million CEO jet
19-Feb-09Follow-up: Duration reporting in California's IT strategic plan
16-Feb-09Yes, Twitter is still dangerous
13-Feb-09NetSuite attacks SAP: hype vs. reality
13-Feb-09Valentine's Day greetings
11-Feb-09IT failures roundup: software bugs everywhere
10-Feb-09Preventing dashboard lust
9-Feb-09Roche CIO on SAP, consultants, certification, and system integrators
3-Feb-09A tale of consulting arrogance
2-Feb-09Did California's CIO mislead public on IT success?
31-Jan-09Google search suffers outage
30-Jan-09Hackers program highway sign with Zombie warning
29-Jan-09Angst in Oak Park over failed PeopleSoft project
29-Jan-096 hard-hitting tips to navigate ERP minefields
28-Jan-09Oak Park, IL cancels PeopleSoft implementation
27-Jan-095 tips to reduce outsourcing risk
26-Jan-09Why I love Windows 7, hate Linux, and think the Mac is lame
22-Jan-0910 steps to prevent IT myopia
20-Jan-09Debating Forrester Research: Service providers and failure Service Cloud integrates enterprise social media
13-Jan-09Miami-Dade school district and Deloitte: 'Endless money pit'
12-Jan-09Former Ace Hardware CIO on IT failure [podcast]
9-Jan-09IT failures town hall recording [podcast]
5-Jan-09Five strategies for 2009 IT gold
30-Dec-08Select Comfort: home-grown IT failure
29-Dec-08CIO strategy: 10 qualities of IT greatness
25-Dec-08A reader's ZDNet holiday poem
24-Dec-08IT failure and holiday cheer
23-Dec-08IT ethics and the recession
22-Dec-08CIO strategic competencies for 2009
19-Dec-08UK Transportation Department IT failure: 'Stupendous incompetence'
17-Dec-08Univ. of Wisconsin CIO discusses IT failure [podcast]
16-Dec-08LA school district and Deloitte in $18m failure settlement
12-Dec-08IT failures town hall: Jan 7 (via phone conference)
12-Dec-08Requirements and failure: Interview with CA's SVP of IT Governance
11-Dec-08Study: 68 percent of IT projects fail
10-Dec-086 tips to avoid security policy failure
9-Dec-08Preventing failure with third-party IT watchdogs [podcast]
5-Dec-08Gilbane conference: Communities in the enterprise world
4-Dec-08Coding Slave: 'Software is expensive'
3-Dec-085 steps to cut IT budgets wisely
2-Dec-08'IT has no inherent value'
1-Dec-08Former inmate accused of hacking prison IT
26-Nov-08The IT 'Devil's Triangle' [podcast]
24-Nov-08SAP: Pushing against the economy
20-Nov-085 reasons to kill IT projects
19-Nov-08Stepford: A vision of IT utopia
18-Nov-08Texas gov. intercedes in failing IBM project
17-Nov-0811 "Laws of IT Physics"
13-Nov-08Senate introduces IT failures bill: No wiggle room
13-Nov-08IT failures town hall: Boston, December 3
12-Nov-08Cadillacs recalled over software bug
11-Nov-08AMR Research: Changing role of the CIO
10-Nov-08Sixteen IT failures to remember
10-Nov-08Let's meet at AMR's Business Technology Conference
7-Nov-08Bank of Ireland: data breach repeat offender
6-Nov-08Gartner: Office politics kills IT projects
4-Nov-08Dreamforce: Salesforce and Facebook [podcast] 'gets' enterprise blogging
2-Nov-08Let's meet at Dreamforce in San Francisco
31-Oct-08Prime Minister 'doesn't recognize' IT failures
30-Oct-08Six tips when buying enterprise software
29-Oct-08Three important post-recession IT trends accepts blame for ERP problems
27-Oct-08Agile: Anatomy of a failed project
26-Oct-08Project Darwinism? [photo]
24-Oct-08Managing recession: IT failures and layoffs
23-Oct-08How to avoid being an IT layoff casualty
21-Oct-08Denial: The secret IT killer
20-Oct-0814 hidden enterprise software costs
17-Oct-08Business change failures: 9 success tips
17-Oct-08Bountiful BSODs and beautiful dialogs [cool bugs]
16-Oct-08Android kill switch: Is Google evil?
15-Oct-08On IT failure: IDC group vice president Mike Fauscette [podcast]
14-Oct-08Social CRM: Interview with Oracle SVP Anthony Lye [podcast]
13-Oct-08Deloitte laptop stolen: Clients at risk
10-Oct-08Nine steps to IT post-mortem excellence
9-Oct-08London Stock Exchange website reports incorrect prices
9-Oct-08Robert Scoble and sexy enterprise software
8-Oct-08Categorizing failure and lining up ducks
7-Oct-08Why Agile development matters [podcast]
7-Oct-08Google is NOT your friend
6-Oct-08Improve your failed IT culture
6-Oct-08Project tradition and IT culture [cartoon]
5-Oct-08ZDNet editorial independence and blogging about politics [off-topic]
3-Oct-08Stop brain-dead software testing!
3-Oct-08Sarah Palin debate flowchart [off-topic]
2-Oct-0814 ways IT screws up projects
1-Oct-08Medicare no-pay list: Lessons for IT consulting
30-Sep-08Economic meltdown: The insanity of disagreement
29-Sep-08World's worst IT failure report
27-Sep-08Why IT projects fail [reverse podcast]
24-Sep-08Oracle innovates with Social CRM
22-Sep-08Let's meet at Oracle OpenWorld!
22-Sep-08Oracle collaborates with Beehive
19-Sep-08Warning: failure-driven IT layoffs ahead
18-Sep-083 steps to IT preventive maintenance
17-Sep-08IT failure: The definition game
16-Sep-08J.Crew: Failed upgrade hits financial performance
11-Sep-08Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales on wiki success and failure [podcast]
9-Sep-08Why I liked SAP's TechEd Community Day
5-Sep-08Netflix post-mortem: hardware failure and poor transparency
3-Sep-08Has IT public relations arrived?
2-Sep-08FAA outage due to 'fix-on-fail' policy
28-Aug-08Google Apps dashboard: Serious about the enterprise?
27-Aug-08MediaMax / The Linkup: When the cloud fails
26-Aug-08Failed government IT: 'The mother of all databases'
26-Aug-08FAA computer failure slows nationwide air traffic
25-Aug-08Office 2.0: 'Conversations' prevent IT failure
22-Aug-08'Debunking IT Project Failure Myths' [podcast]
19-Aug-08The triple sins that cause IT failure
18-Aug-0812 early warning signs of IT failure
15-Aug-08Implementation complexity enables higher software prices
14-Aug-08SAP: Transparent SME 'deep dive'
12-Aug-08SAP Business Objects Influencer Summit: Strategy to execution
11-Aug-08Heart pacemakers vulnerable to attack
11-Aug-08Gmail is down
8-Aug-08IT failures roundup: Emergency services around the world
8-Aug-08Qantas IT problems cause Sydney airport "chaos"
7-Aug-08Car chase: Chrysler CIO to run treasury dep't.
6-Aug-08Don't trust Google with your data
5-Aug-08Jobs acknowledges MobileMe failure
5-Aug-08Say hello at SummerMash Boston
5-Aug-08Segway recalls transporters over software problem
5-Aug-08New York Times website down
4-Aug-08Failed IT causes major Georgia Blue Cross health privacy breach
1-Aug-08IT failures roundup: Airports; jail system; angry travellers
30-Jul-08Bank blames user; gets caught
29-Jul-08IT justice: Weighing the scales of failure
28-Jul-08Amazon's S3 post-mortem demonstrates maturity
25-Jul-08Did Levi's use failed IT as a 'convenient scapegoat'?
24-Jul-08Bausch & Lomb reduces IT boundaries
24-Jul-0810 considerations to fix failures
23-Jul-08Delivering nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.
23-Jul-08Executive 'sleepership'
22-Jul-08Project portfolio mgt: "Draconian enforcement doesn't work" [podcast]
21-Jul-08Citizens Bank Online is down
20-Jul-08Amazon S3: "Elevated error rates"
18-Jul-08Levi Strauss: SAP rollout 'substantially' hurt quarter
15-Jul-08London Underground's card system fails
14-Jul-08Berlin subway ticket machines go down
13-Jul-08Computer problems delay air passengers in Fiji
11-Jul-08Fighting IT failure with ethnographic research [podcast]
11-Jul-08Apple's MobileMe experiences post-launch pain
9-Jul-08Measuring IT: "Operational Health"
8-Jul-08SaaS failures are 'betrayals of trust' [podcast]
7-Jul-08The nightmare of buying enterprise software
7-Jul-08Daily Mail employee data stolen on laptop
4-Jul-08Runescape graphic glitches
3-Jul-08Computer 'mystery outages' plague Australian Emergency Services
3-Jul-085 more reasons IT projects fail
2-Jul-08Stop the madness: 10 steps to kill failures
1-Jul-08Scathing report slams UK gov't data loss
30-Jun-08Has Google demoted FeedBurner?
29-Jun-08SlideShare: user communication failure
29-Jun-08Bad leadership causes failed IT
27-Jun-08Industry analyst Judith Hurwitz: "Break a lot of glass" [podcast]
27-Jun-08Fixing failure: Shatter the technical glass ceiling
27-Jun-08Gov't failures: Engineering brain drain and bad leadership
26-Jun-087 ERP failure analogies
25-Jun-08Bill Gates' web experience: Byzantine, idiotic logic
24-Jun-08Oracle / SAP increase prices
22-Jun-08The perfect project [cartoon]
22-Jun-08IT "neglects" the human side of change [SOA podcast]
21-Jun-08Social project management?
21-Jun-0812 characteristics of doomed projects
20-Jun-08Lame NHS loses 31,000 patient records
20-Jun-08Google explains why App Engine failed
19-Jun-08IT catfight in Portland, OR
18-Jun-0815 non-technical reasons IT projects fail
17-Jun-08IRS rebate checks: more problems
17-Jun-08Graphing the triple constraints of IT failure
16-Jun-08Selling SOA: Stating the obvious
16-Jun-08Windows Live FolderShare: unacceptable 3-day outage
13-Jun-08Jive's Sam Lawrence on Enterprise 2.0: "It's a buzzword" [podcast]
12-Jun-08"Reliability is a management issue" [podcast]
10-Jun-08IT is from Mars; Business is from Venus
9-Jun-08Let's meet in Boston
6-Jun-08Killing project vampires was down; service restored
6-Jun-08IT failure haiku poems
5-Jun-08Leaked Pentagon doc slams Lockheed
4-Jun-08NY Bank 'loses' 4.5M unencrypted customer records
3-Jun-08Miracles happen: a transparent gov't dashboard
1-Jun-08Rescuing Twitter's trainwreck
31-May-08Geeks in the wild [cartoon]
30-May-086 reasons government IT projects fail
30-May-08Twitter's failure updates: not good enough
29-May-08Software bug prevents Big Brown quick pick racing payoff
28-May-08Research: 25 percent of web projects fail
27-May-08Moody's software bug screws investors
26-May-08Cloud computing: simply explained (cartoon)
26-May-08Twitter: An IT failures management perspective
24-May-085 ways to prevent IT failure
21-May-08SAP's Business byDesign: the perfection conundrum
16-May-08Let's meet in Berlin
15-May-0810 attributes of bad CIOs (self test)
14-May-08UK gov't releases transparent post-failure analysis
13-May-08EDS' troubled legacy of failed IT projects
13-May-08Feedburner is down
12-May-08FBI: Counterfeit Cisco routers risk "IT subversion"
11-May-08Hosted software development: an emerging market [includes podcast]
7-May-08Government IT failures: "Room for improvement" [interview and podcast]
6-May-08IT politics killed White House email project
2-May-0810 reasons for IT failure
2-May-08Sleazy sales and the Rockwell Retro Encabulator
1-May-08Google Calendar is down
30-Apr-08CNBC: SAP America's president should offer media training
30-Apr-08Volvo recall due to airbag software problems
28-Apr-08SAP's CTO: Business knows 'what', IT knows 'how'
25-Apr-088 tips to avoid being an IT scapegoat's bold development platform vision [includes executive podcast]
21-Apr-08Gmail is down
18-Apr-08Enterprise 2.0 irony [cartoon]
17-Apr-08Social media and enterprise power relationships
14-Apr-08Technology crash [photo]
12-Apr-08Absolutely amazing: Integrator completes ERP project on-time
10-Apr-087 tips for handling post-failure communications
9-Apr-08"10 secrets of bad CIOs"
9-Apr-08Australian senator demands open source against US "lock-in"
9-Apr-085 reasons IT is soooo slowwww
8-Apr-08IT failure at Heathrow T5: What really happened
8-Apr-08HSBC loses data on 370,000 customers; violates security standards
6-Apr-08Crazed supermodel pissed at Heathrow T5 failure
5-Apr-08Twitter's latest crash graphic
5-Apr-08UPDATE: $3 billion Census Bureau IT failure
4-Apr-08Sales-driven IT failures
26-Mar-085 tips to prevent IT extinction
25-Mar-08More on dinosaurs and extinction
23-Mar-08Is IT becoming extinct?
21-Mar-08Billion-dollar IT failure at Census Bureau
21-Mar-08QA failure in Yahoo unlimited email
19-Mar-087 common lies told by enterprise software sales people
19-Mar-08Guy Kawasaki achieves tech support greatness
17-Mar-08IT failures and social media
13-Mar-085 ways to fail at IT training
12-Mar-08Failed Carbonite upgrade lets customers down
12-Mar-087 tips to safely kill zombie projects
11-Mar-08Eliot Spitzer's software nightmare
10-Mar-08Sleazy analysts and corporate weasels
10-Mar-08Agile is cool!
10-Mar-0813 reasons IT hates metrics
8-Mar-08Building a great CIO dashboard
7-Mar-08ROI study: Product portfolio management yields results
7-Mar-08MobiTV: failed security opens gaping hole
7-Mar-08Oracle's president meets unhappy customers in Australia
6-Mar-08Can project portfolio management prevent IT train wrecks?
5-Mar-08Reducing IT failures with project portfolio management
2-Mar-08Twitter is down again
1-Mar-08Was Heathrow 777 crash caused by poltergeists?
29-Feb-08Qantas Airways: a perfect storm for IT failure?
22-Feb-08System update kicks Heathrow baggage system offline
18-Feb-08Seven antidotes to the caustic politics of IT failure
17-Feb-08Google's huge data centers: the IT failures question
16-Feb-08Why the IT Project Failures blog exists
15-Feb-08Technorati fails, fixes, and fully discloses
15-Feb-08Amazon S3 web services down. Bad, bad news for customers.
14-Feb-08Three risk categories that explain IT failure
13-Feb-08NakedIT: JP Rangaswami says, 'Don't call them IT projects'
12-Feb-08Upgrade disrupts
11-Feb-08Customer blames bankruptcy on IBM IT failure
11-Feb-08IT sizing error delays Boston commuters
9-Feb-08Microsoft should break up now
8-Feb-08Researcher seeks IT failure data
7-Feb-08More EDS issues over botched IT project in UK
4-Feb-08Microsoft-Yahoo: Google ethics and the "monopoly pissing match"
1-Feb-08Windows blue screen of death at Frankfurt Airport
1-Feb-08Microsoft-Yahoo: Enterprise confusion
22-Jan-08Government turns to SaaS to salvage IT failures
20-Jan-08Update: Philadelphia's water project actually finished
20-Jan-08Update: Los Angeles schools' payroll problems "stabilized"
19-Jan-08Letter template reveals Wisconsin social security numbers
17-Jan-08And now, it's YouTube's turn
17-Jan-08Naked IT: Author Ed Yourdon on the IT / business divide (includes podcast)
16-Jan-08SAP - Business Objects acquisition: Linking value proposition to action
13-Jan-08Flickr down...outage handled responsibly
11-Jan-08Apple-Adobe merger? Love the idea!
10-Jan-08New research: IT cost overruns, delays and contract terminations
9-Jan-08Naked IT: Shel Israel on social media and IT (includes podcast)
6-Jan-08Boeing 787 at risk of in-flight hacking
5-Jan-08Twitter's true magic
3-Jan-08Naked IT: Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur (with podcast)
31-Dec-07Five tips for achieving IT success in 2008
29-Dec-07Data breaches: 2007 IT failure superstar
27-Dec-07Naked IT: Conversations with innovators
25-Dec-07True meaning of the holidays
23-Dec-07Whole Foods' perfect response to IT failure
22-Dec-07Twitter downtime and life at home
21-Dec-07China's now building commercial airliners?!¿@!¡
21-Dec-07Project portfolio management and IT governance
19-Dec-07Colorado decertifies voting machines
19-Dec-07Twitter is dangerous
18-Dec-07Sun Microsystems' Jonathan Schwartz on CIO / CTO differences
17-Dec-07UK Rural Payments Agency (RPA): IT failure and gross incompetence screws farmers
17-Dec-07Dell needs DNA housecleaning
15-Dec-07Twitter / T-Mobile: when policy meets technology
13-Dec-07Tata Consultancy: new IT failure stats and COO interview
13-Dec-07Nick Carr's endless battle
11-Dec-07Denial and the coming "data meltdown"
11-Dec-07How would you make an enterprise software blog sexy?
10-Dec-07"Enterprise software won't get you laid"
9-Dec-07Data loss CEOs should go to jail
9-Dec-07Robert Scoble doesn't understand enterprise software
9-Dec-07Nick Carr's enterprise software fantasy land
8-Dec-07Microsoft FolderShare data loss bug in shipping product
7-Dec-07New IT project failure metrics: is Standish wrong?
5-Dec-07SAP Influencer Summit: SOA grows up
2-Dec-07PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) sued by Sydney Water over IT failure
2-Dec-07Wachovia: $211 trillion "word-processing error"
2-Dec-07Largest Adobe Flash crash in the world
30-Nov-07Eight lessons for a successful IT implemention
27-Nov-07Lost UK National Health Service (NHS) data found!
27-Nov-07ZDNet UK's list of top 10 IT failures
27-Nov-07New research: "inept" IT management in UK
26-Nov-07"Old software never dies"
26-Nov-07The telephone blame game gone gonzo
25-Nov-07Agile development, early warning, Darwin, and failure
25-Nov-07Measuring SOA success
23-Nov-07Complicated failures; simple causes
20-Nov-07Negotiation tips for CIOs
20-Nov-07IT security failure causes UK Revenue & Customs (HMRC) chairman to resign
17-Nov-07Oracle's wall-to-wall software suite
13-Nov-07Oracle's self-reported project success/failure statistics
12-Nov-07Agile evils, the software crisis, and other interesting stories
9-Nov-07System migration shuts Sprint customer service web
9-Nov-07Most security breaches caused by careless human error
8-Nov-07London Stock Exchange (LSE) system failure stops trading
8-Nov-07New ERP research: quantifying failure and growth
7-Nov-07Serious IT governance issues at UK Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
7-Nov-07Enterprise 2.0 IT governance: Whole Foods bans execs from blogs and chat
5-Nov-07ClosedPrivate initiative announced
5-Nov-07New research into CRM implementation failures
4-Nov-07End-user GPS failure - tree surgeon needed
2-Nov-07The hidden OpenSocial press conference (future of information sharing)
2-Nov-07Hartford Life Insurance "misplaces" three backup tapes
1-Nov-07Twitter with me!
31-Oct-07Google FeedBurner is down: SaaS isn't mission-critical ready
30-Oct-07What's the value in enterprise software?
28-Oct-07Facebook fails at privacy
28-Oct-07Complexity and false hope
28-Oct-07Stopping failure in its tracks
27-Oct-07Complexity sucks...Simplicity rocks
26-Oct-07IT success: CA fire-fighting infrastructure
26-Oct-07Consultants hate failure
24-Oct-07Colorado Rockies' ticket site fails
23-Oct-07Girl's guide to project failures
21-Oct-07Psychopathic IT projects: a five-point checklist
19-Oct-07Are your consultants worth it?
18-Oct-07Consulting's dirty little secret
16-Oct-07Blogger relations: comparing Oracle and SAP
16-Oct-07Strive to be an old-style microwave oven
13-Oct-07Turnaround strategy for Los Angeles school district payroll failure
10-Oct-07Fake Larry Ellison weighs in on LA payroll issues
10-Oct-07EDS screws UK Jobcentre Plus, according to House of Commons
9-Oct-07The ERP devil's triangle
8-Oct-0710 signs your SOA project is on-track
8-Oct-07Los Angeles school district SAP implementation still broken
7-Oct-07North Korea's leader is an "Internet expert"
2-Oct-0740 IT failures caused by software bugs
2-Oct-07Defining IT project success
1-Oct-07Two questions to improve software implementations
1-Oct-076 tips to reduce IT project failures
28-Sep-07Updated bizarre Arizona State ERP: Oracle releases case study
27-Sep-07New research into IT project failures
26-Sep-07Bizarre ERP implementation experiment at Arizona State
25-Sep-07Update: Boeing virtual fence "unusable"
20-Sep-07SAP Business ByDesign: will it reduce project failures?
19-Sep-07SAP A1S: the big day
19-Sep-07SAP Business ByDesign: first analysis
19-Sep-07SAP Business ByDesign: buzzwords don't matter
19-Sep-07SAP Business ByDesign: Why one customer bought
19-Sep-07SAP Business ByDesign: the "feel good factor"
18-Sep-07Can SAP learn to speak SME with A1S?
18-Sep-07SAP's A1S: love, not pricing, is key
17-Sep-07SAP license and price negotiation dynamics
14-Sep-07TD Ameritrade: hacked with 'unauthorised code'
13-Sep-07iPhone unlock hack: cooked Apples or not?
13-Sep-07SHORT QUOTE: SAP is "liquid concrete"
11-Sep-07Dept of Homeland Security: inexcusable IT waste on ADVISE project
11-Sep-07Google Apps and Cap Gemini: strange bedfellows?
9-Sep-07Arabian Computer News on ERP implementation issues
7-Sep-07Rescuing software trainwrecks, without sacrificing goats
6-Sep-07New techniques for saving failed projects
6-Sep-07Apple iPhone crisis: Succeeding after failing
4-Sep-07"Cut them loose"
30-Aug-07Geek eye candy
30-Aug-07Geek eye candy
29-Aug-07101 project management tips
28-Aug-07Cancer 2.0: Intent on winning!
26-Aug-07Liberated Syndication: down, down, down
26-Aug-07INTERVIEW: Andrew Shimberg on failing by silence
24-Aug-07"Users will curse you"
23-Aug-07Dutch tax office IT failure
23-Aug-07Beating bullies
23-Aug-07Boeing virtual fence: $30 billion failure
22-Aug-07True failure: Gun kills Internet fiber
22-Aug-07Stop enterprise software hype: send me your stories
21-Aug-07Skype: This time you get a "C" grade
21-Aug-07Hey SOA, where's my ROI?
19-Aug-07Enterprise 2.0: failures aside, it's amazing stuff
18-Aug-07Enterprise 2.0 failure: Can you trust Google Grand Central?
16-Aug-07Dilbert on Disaster Planning
16-Aug-07Skype failure and the Enterprise 2.0 mess
16-Aug-07Is your software project failing?
15-Aug-07LAX IT failure: leaps of faith don't work
15-Aug-0710 ways implementation teams destroy IT projects
14-Aug-07Note to Oracle and SAP senior management
13-Aug-07Pleasantly surprised by Oracle
13-Aug-07Five ways to destroy a software implementation
13-Aug-07UK National Identity Scheme (NIS): "Costly white elephant"
13-Aug-07SOA: "Failure by obscurity"
12-Aug-07IT failure in action: LAX
12-Aug-07Failure 2.0
11-Aug-07More Enterprise 2.0 bad news: Ning is down
10-Aug-07Amazing flowers
10-Aug-07Why IT projects fail
10-Aug-07Like to fail? Write custom code.
10-Aug-07"IT bungles: appalling and unacceptable"
10-Aug-07Consultant's guide to lowering project failure rates
10-Aug-07Big iron and the failure of Enterprise 2.0
9-Aug-07Cat Stares Down Gnome
9-Aug-07Self-Contradictory Government IT Failure Report
8-Aug-07"Fact-Free Planning"
8-Aug-07Spock Can't Handle the Pressure
7-Aug-07House of Representatives Voting Computer Fails
7-Aug-07IT Analysts in Price War?
6-Aug-07For Our Next Trick, We Will Boil the Ocean
3-Aug-07Treasury Department: Stop the IT Madness
3-Aug-07North Carolina: IT Report Card
2-Aug-07Transparent Failure
2-Aug-07Roadmap for Circumventing IT Departments
1-Aug-07ANNOUNCEMENT: Moving to ZDNet
1-Aug-07Open- and Closed-Source Services Convergence
1-Aug-07Wisconsin's Apologist for IT Failure
31-Jul-07Disclosure: Michael Krigsman
30-Jul-07Implementation Costs: Oblivious to the Obvious
28-Jul-07Profits Hurt When Raising VC Money
27-Jul-07Glastnost at SAP
27-Jul-07Living Large; Failing Fast
26-Jul-07Eight Warning Signs Your IT Project is Failing
26-Jul-07Pigs Might Fly in Iowa
26-Jul-07Another UK Health Project Dies
25-Jul-07SOA: Future Failure and Technobabble Gibberish
25-Jul-07SAP and ERP are Dead??
23-Jul-07Does the Software License Fee Matter?
23-Jul-07Keeping SAP and Oracle Honest?
22-Jul-07State of Failure in Wisconsin
22-Jul-07Careless in Nevada
20-Jul-07"Our Head of Human Resources a Skank Ho..."
20-Jul-07Second Life: the Second Coming for Project Failure?
18-Jul-07Hourly Projects and the Cult of Doom
18-Jul-07Life is Not a Bowl of Cherries...
18-Jul-07INTERVIEW: Colby Thames (President - On Demand Delivery, BSG)
17-Jul-07Ignoring a Problem Doesn't Make it Go Away
17-Jul-07Why Project Reviews Usually Suck
13-Jul-07"Every Problem Imaginable"
13-Jul-07Netsuite: Future Failure?
12-Jul-07Wisconsin Fights Failure
12-Jul-07Non-Technical Complexity
12-Jul-07"Independence and Objectivity are a Lot Like Virginity"
11-Jul-07Netflix Web Failure
10-Jul-07Implementation Failures and ROI
8-Jul-07INTERVIEW: Don Dodge (Microsoft) on Avoiding Project Failure
2-Jul-07Data Visualization for Project Failures
1-Jul-07RED HERRING EAST 2007: Plated Palms
30-Jun-07RED HERRING EAST 2007: Virtual Worlds in Business
29-Jun-07RED HERRING EAST 2007: Overview
29-Jun-07RED HERRING EAST 2007: Dixon Doll on Entrepreneurial Leadership Traits
27-Jun-07Oracle Needs to Learn Humility
27-Jun-07America's Cup Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
26-Jun-07INTERVIEW: Paul Dandurand (CEO, PIEmatrix) on Project Failure and IT Governance
26-Jun-07Yak Hair, Project Failures, and Our Flat World
25-Jun-07Four Questions for Selecting Mission-Critical Software
25-Jun-07SAP Falls Off BusinessWeek 100 IT List
23-Jun-07Google Groups Down
21-Jun-07Attending Red Herring East in Boston
20-Jun-07More on the Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Issue
20-Jun-07Another Project Management Dashboard
19-Jun-07The Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Issue
18-Jun-07Publishing Industry Changes
18-Jun-07"IT is a Leap of Faith"
17-Jun-07Flickr Photos!
16-Jun-07"Anyone Can Ship Garbage"
15-Jun-07"Sages and Dunces"
15-Jun-077 Failures from Bad RFPs
15-Jun-07"Regressive and Poisonous"
15-Jun-075 Common ERP Implementation Pitfalls
15-Jun-07Mid-Market ERP: "Soap Operas of the IT Industry"
14-Jun-07"Characteristics of a Troubled Project"
14-Jun-07Project Planning and Failure in the Mid-Market
14-Jun-07Avoiding Failure with SaaS
12-Jun-07"They Knew it would be Hellish"
11-Jun-07Single-Market Madness
11-Jun-07Enteprise 2.0 Conference -- Complimentary Pass
11-Jun-07Note to Enterprise 2.0 Conference Vendors and PR Reps
10-Jun-07Seeking Failure Stories
10-Jun-07Colorful Umbrellas
8-Jun-07Lunch with Arn Howitt (When Failure is NOT an Option)
7-Jun-07Nibbles, Not Bites
6-Jun-07Enterprise 2.0 Conference -- Boston
6-Jun-07Failure Inspiration
5-Jun-07"SOA is People"
5-Jun-07"IT Project = Change Management Program"
1-Jun-07Avoiding SOA Failure
28-May-07SOA and Glittering Crystal Shards
28-May-07Dilbert on Project Management Reporting
23-May-07Microsoft has Balls (Sapphire, Vienna)
22-May-07Failed Aspirations at Project Aspire
22-May-07Software Selection Blues
20-May-07Travels with Tulku
18-May-07Packaged Services in a Complex Environment
18-May-07Frankfurt Airport (Sapphire Vienna)
18-May-07Project Management Dashboard
17-May-07More on Simplification at SAP (Sapphire Vienna)
17-May-07My Laptop Was Stolen (Sapphire, Vienna)
15-May-07"Custom Code Over My Dead Body" (Sapphire, Vienna)
15-May-07Mixed Media (Sapphire, Vienna)
14-May-07SOA and the SAP Mid-Market (Sapphire, Vienna)
14-May-07Enterprise SOA and Viennese Coffee (Sapphire, Vienna)
11-May-07Sapphire Vienna
4-Jan-07Vendor Integrity
3-Jan-07Ten IT Project Pitfalls
3-Jan-07CIO Time Management Advice? $379
3-Jan-07"Top 10 Lessons for IT Project Success"
23-Dec-06Personal Vespa Failure
22-Dec-06Greed, Arrogance, Inexperience, and Stupidity
22-Dec-06Digg Spikes Its Vote
21-Dec-06Failing Before Starting
11-Dec-06"IT Chiefs Told to Just Say No"
8-Dec-06SOA Web Services: Failures on the Horizon
7-Dec-06Eight Causes of IT Project Failure
7-Dec-06Back to Blogging
5-Dec-06Government Report: UK IT Projects Still Failing
2-Nov-06Sleaze Pretending to be Innovation
26-Oct-06ANNOUCEMENT: CIO Insight Wants IT Horror Stories
26-Oct-06Packaged Services in ERP
25-Oct-06Operational Project Management at Infosys
25-Oct-06More Productized Services from IBM
23-Oct-06Airbus Crashes from Incompatible Software
20-Oct-06Five Signs of a Doomed Project
19-Oct-06Avoiding IT Project Failure
17-Oct-06Eight Expensive IT Screw-Ups
17-Oct-06Poll: If the Walls Could Talk...
16-Oct-06Blatant Fiorina
14-Oct-06Reducing Consulting Costs with Productized Content
11-Oct-06PeopleSoft - 70% Disappointment in Oracle Services
11-Oct-06Project Ocean Lives!
10-Oct-06SAP Productized Services
10-Oct-06Productized Services - AT Kearny
7-Oct-06Voting Touchscreens are Evil
4-Oct-06School Loan Information
4-Oct-06Failure of the State
2-Oct-06More on Productized Consulting Services
2-Oct-06Reducing Services Costs
29-Sep-06Don't Be Mad, Just Leave
28-Sep-06Implementation Success!
27-Sep-06Reducing Implementation Costs
27-Sep-06Productized Consulting Services
7-Sep-06Ten Steps from Doom
1-Sep-06Open Source ERP: Training Doesn't Matter??
1-Sep-06Giant Steps
31-Aug-06UK Health Program: a Very Sick Patient
31-Aug-06Consultant Addiction
29-Aug-06Implementation and Consultants
28-Aug-06Election Troubles
25-Aug-06BOOK REVIEW: Race Through the Forest
24-Aug-06Shuttle of Death (and Rebirth)
24-Aug-06Free Medicare Money! Oops, not so fast.
24-Aug-06Gasp! Military Cost Over-Runs
24-Aug-06Taxing Problems
17-Aug-06Open Source Fiasco
15-Aug-06"7 Ways to Fail in an ERP Selection"
14-Aug-06Government Regulation of IT Projects?
14-Aug-06Failed Project Facts
11-Aug-06Drip, Drip, Drip: Down the Drain
18-Jul-06Australian Cargo
7-Jul-06INTERVIEW: Michael Gonnerman on ROI
9-Jun-06"Greatest IT Disaster in History"
30-May-06When Friends Disagree
27-May-06INTERVIEW: Lydia Segal on Government Waste and Corruption
27-May-06Overdue Books
21-May-06Throwing Good Money After Bad?
21-May-06Knowing When to Quit
17-May-06Failing Grades
17-May-06INTERVIEW: Karen Lojeski on Virtual Distance
15-May-06Our Lips are Sealed
14-May-06Not Talking Yet
10-May-06INTERVIEW: Barry J. Brunetto on Taming a Wild Vendor
8-May-06Crossed Wires
5-May-06Bigger and Bigger Secrets
3-May-06Annoucement: Wednesday Interview Series
3-May-06INTERVIEW: Matthew Leitch on Denial and Risk
2-May-06Big Secrets or Big Lies?
30-Apr-06In an Emergency...
29-Apr-06The Early Bird...
27-Apr-06Separation Anxiety
26-Apr-06Good Advice
25-Apr-06Alignment and its Discontents
25-Apr-06Seeds of Success
24-Apr-06Fast or Slow?
23-Apr-06Medical Emergency
23-Apr-06Seeking Failures
21-Apr-06When Bad Things Happen to Good Projects
21-Apr-06Sometimes the Obvious Needs to be Stated
19-Apr-06Toasting Russia
19-Apr-06Stating the Obvious?
18-Apr-06Running, Running, Running
16-Apr-06Virtual Distance Drives Risk
15-Apr-06Software as a Service
14-Apr-06Alive and Kicking
13-Apr-06Success Factors
11-Apr-06Let My Bunnies Go
10-Apr-06In the Land of the Quakers
8-Apr-06Poor, Poor FBI
8-Apr-06The High Cost of Failure
8-Apr-06Hope Springs Eternal